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Pre-Order your D.E.B.T. Chain Seed Phrase storage book today!  


Custom design by Jason A! This book has everything you need to keep your wallets organized. 


  • BACKUP YOUR CRYPTO SEED PHRASES - The D.E.B.T. Chain seed phrase storage notebook can easily store up to 40 recovery seed phrases (24-word) for all your crypto wallets!
  • STORE YOUR PASSWORDS, LOGINS AND USERNAMES - Store up to 60 website and app logins including url, email, username, and password
  • SMALL, DURABLE & DISCREET - AT 4.5" x 7.25" this book easily fits into a safe, backpack,  or purse. This hardback book is durable and will keep your wallet and account information secure for years. 


D.E.B.T. Chain Seed Phrase Book

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